We are honored to have these talented and experienced teachers to lead you in your yoga practice:

Kristy - Owner

A 500 hour RYT, Kristy brings her infectious humor, love of Yoga and compassionate nature to each of her classes. After the birth of her daughter, she decided against re-entering the “rat race” and instead chose to spend her days teaching what she loves. Her classes are an uplifting blend incorporating movement, static postures, breathing techniques and meditation for stress reduction. Along with her regular classes, Kristy also teaches specialty classes such as Adaptive Yoga in Chairs, Prenatal Yoga and "Cool to Bring Kids" family class. Kristy opened Niceville's first yoga studio,The Barefoot Yoga Studio, in 2006 and is thrilled to have combined forces with Teri Harnett in 2014 to open the Yoga Junkie Studio!!

Teri - Owner

Teri is an E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, Usui Reiki Master, and Registered Dietitian. She began practicing yoga when she was a group exercise instructor. She originally took classes to help build her core to teach spin and kickboxing and wasn’t interested in the ‘mental side of it.’ Today, she can’t practice without feeling the spiritual benefits. Teri believes each student comes to the mat for various reasons and their practice is an opportunity for them to receive what they need from it. You can often hear Teri refer to a yoga mat as a magic carpet and her classes encourage us to honor our individuality on and off the mat.


Cristina found yoga 10 years ago in her first year of being a 3rd Grade school teacher in Colorado. She lived the life of a military dependent moving from Colorado to Arizona, where she pursued her 200hr yoga certification in 2007. Moving to Florida after living overseas, she practiced a variety of yoga in Bali, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and many other exotic locations. Cristina has witnessed the benefits of yoga around the world. She lives an active lifestyle incorporating everything from crossfit to paddleboarding and teaches to the athlete in all of us.


Deanna began taking yoga classes in Fort Campbell and immediately fell in love. She wanted to help others gain the strength and confidence she experienced. Through her combined passion for yoga and veterans, she became part of the Connected Warriors program. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through the Savannah Yoga Center. Due to her family’s health issues, she made the difficult decision to leave her mat and assist her father through his last few years of life. Following his passing, she began a path to healing through yoga.


Mary graduated from Florida State University obtaining a Masters in Special Education, she began practicing yoga in 2011. Recently obtaining an Iynegar based 200hr RYT certification, she enjoys the fluid movement of Vinyasa flow classes and strives to fuse alignment, breath, and core work with creative sequencing. Here are some things she likes: Drake, coffee, makeup, wine, traveling, writing about everything, and pizza. Catch her on the schedule Wednesdays at 7pm in the Niceville location for Hot Vinyasa Flow!


Jessica began her yoga journey in 2008. After finishing her two year degree she found herself lost on what she wanted to do with her life. A friend suggested Hot Yoga, and Jessica started practicing regularly, letting yoga "happen". Soon after, she was given the opportunity to attend the 200-hour yoga teacher training program. She threw herself into her practice and teaching others. After a year, Jessica felt a calling to join the military. She was in the Air Force for 3 years, and it was then that she fully realized where she belonged; on the mat teaching others. Her classes are challenging, but they will push you to the edge that sometimes you need to go to receive all of the benefits of yoga, not just the poses. She encourages anyone and everyone to let yoga "happen" to them at their own pace and to receive all of the inner and outer benefits of the beautiful practice.


Dana began practicing yoga 5 years ago when her husband suggested yoga to help her find better balance & peace from a stressful job and years of long-hour endurance training that left her less flexible and wondering “what else is there?” Yoga worked! Now, a 200 hr RYT teacher, Dana continues full-time work and, with her husband, enjoys an active lifestyle of yoga, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, weightlifting and scuba diving. Yoga created her space to connect the mind and spirit to build strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle is anchored by her commitment to inner peace, happiness and promotion of longevity through the journey of living the yoga life. Dana is excited to be able to help others gain strength, confidence, mindfulness of being present in the moment leading to a more peaceful and happy path in each of our own busy worlds. Your mat, your practice…it is what it is today for what you need it to be…always. Namaste!


Jacquie tried yoga off and on over several years but got more serious about her practice when health issues including high blood pressure, weight control, and fibromyalgia were becoming huge challenges in her day to day living. Yoga has brought major improvements to her health and helps tremendously with her pain management. She wants to help others with similar issue and body types to understand that there is a yoga style for every body and the benefits that come with it. With the use of props and modifications, she wants to guide students in finding their personal practice that helps them to feel better about themselves and to love their own bodies. Jacquie is a mother of three and a grandmother of one and has lived in Niceville since 1989. She loves camping, hiking, and being in nature with her family, paddle boarding, soccer, trying new things, and, of course, yoga!


Julee's completed her 200 YTT with Graham Fowler at Peachtree Yoga Atlanta, GA. It was then that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery, chemo and radiation for the whole of 2014. Julee is also a Registered Dietitian, whose career has focused on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle. This led to her work with breast cancer survivors as an RD first, but also as a yoga instructor, refining and teaching a lifestyle adjustment class to help women reduce the odds of their cancer returning. An integral part of this four week course was yoga, meditation, and pranayama.


Lee describes herself as a zen-loving, yogi-scientist- educator. She began her yoga journey over 30 years ago when she received a birthday gift of a weekend yoga retreat at Kripalu. This experience began her commitment to a peaceful, holistic way of living. She is passionate about learning (especially about alternative methods of healing, and how the universe works) and teaching others. Lee ‘found’ Yoga Junkie Studio in Niceville in 2014, finding relief from stress through yoga and recently became a 200 hour RYT instructor. She loves bringing peace and balance to others through her Slow Flow yoga classes at the YJS Crestview location. In her other life, Lee teaches Chemistry at FWBHS. She lives in Niceville with her husband JR and 4 cats and a dog. They have a blended family of 3 grown daughters who live in Orlando. Lee and JR enjoy hiking, kayaking, RV-ing, and they are huge movie buffs.


I like to say, "I am not your typical Yogini". I’m tattooed, listen to metal and probably swear too much. It is however, that juxtaposition that makes yoga my perfect fit. In 2016, I completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Junkie Studio under Teri Harnett and Kristi Souto. As a Crossfit athlete, I integrated Restorative Yoga into my personal practice and discovered how the practice provides time to listen and slow down into deep states of restoration. This recovery takes place while simultaneously allowing the body to regulate and heal in a safe and supportive environment. It is because of this love of Restorative Yoga that I teach it weekly. I have a passion for and deep practice in essential oils, chakras, gems, meditation and healing herbs. You can find my essential oil blends, scrubs and soaps in the studio under the Tir Na Nog label, which in Gaelic means "Land of Youth". My goal, as you enter my class, is for you to realize that it all starts on the mat…what happens next is truly amazing.


Larry is certified RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance and recently completed his RYT 500. Larry is continuing his education with specialization for PTSD training. He likes to practice with low joint impact, some cardio, while developing the core through the breath and movement. As a former couch potato, he found the time spent sedintary took a toll on his body, and it didn't respond as well as it once did. Dedicated to becoming active once again, he has found yoga to revive his physicality and his mentality.


Missy is a nomadic military wife and mother of four. She discovered yoga about 8 years ago and fell i love. She practiced off and on outside of a studio for most of that time. When she rolled out her mat on the cork floor of a studio for the first time as a New Year’s resolution to take her practice to a new level, it felt like ‘coming home’. She entered Yoga Teacher Training soon after. Her passion is to introduce yoga and its benefits to as many people as possible. She enjoys teaching children, beginners, those looking to sweat it out in a hot class and everything in between. Her heart is to help people take the lessons they learn on their mat into their everyday lives.


Yoga has become an integral part of my daily life. It has helped me spiritually, mentally and physically. After completing a 200 hour certification program in The Hot Yoga Barkan Method with Jimmy Barkan, I find myself wanting to teach others so they can experience a healthier lifestyle. I hope you'll join me.


Teri grew up in Niceville, Florida. Teri has earned many yoga certifications, but especially loves to share her experiences to help students with back and spinal issues. Teri has had several major back surgeries, and can relate well to her students that are challenged in this area. Teri believes in honoring your body during your practice. Teri blends strength, balance, flexibility, and calmness into each of her classes.